From the first moment, Deanna made us feel comfortable that our case was in safe hands. She answered our emails and calls even in her days off. On our day in court, there was a big surprise when two of our opponent’s attorneys asked to meet with Deanna in private. Deanna informed me that they were trying to reach an unfair compromise, but Deanna refused to do so.

When we entered the courtroom, I felt there was no hope for our case. I looked at the judge, and I felt he was almost convinced by the other attorney’s perspective. Deanna turned the tables and convinced the judge within a few words. That made us win the case. At that moment, my cousin ran and hugged attorney Deanna, right in the courtroom.

Divorce matter with a restraining order


When I called Deanna Keene for help, I had been struggling to makes ends meet to raise my daughter while attending graduate school full time and working two jobs. We had been barely making it and relying on financial assistance from the state and from friends. Meanwhile, my daughter’s father had been steadily increasing his income and comfort on the other side of the country, and paying such inadequate child support that it didn’t come close to covering even the babysitting I needed to work.

Deanna listened carefully to my story, and did her research about how to move an existing child support order from one state to another, as well as recalculate a fair amount based on current circumstances. To do both things at once was fairly complicated, but Deanna explained the process clearly, all the while validating for me that my daughter and I are entitled to security and support.

To create a binding agreement even before the court order was in place, Deanna invited my child’s father for a meeting while he was in town for a visit. He began the meeting acting defensive and evasive, but Deanna’s calm and logical manner helped him understand that he bears responsibility for his share, and by the end of the meeting he agreed in writing to the nearly two-fold increase in his weekly child support payments!

Since that day, I have felt enormous relief and long-overdue confidence in the stability of my daughter and my situation. I would highly recommend Deanna’s advocacy to parents and families who must stand up to demand the support to which they are entitled.

Child support issue