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Committed one-on-one legal counsel focused on
achieving the best possible result for clients.

Our Mission – Designed to Fit Your Personal Needs

Keene Legal is a solo practice designed to fit the personal needs of its clients. It is a law firm that works with people to find cost-effective, creative, and timely solutions to legal problems, taking clients step-by-step through the process. Clients sleep better at night knowing they have an attorney who is just a phone call away 24/7.

No frills, no hand-offs, and no expensive overheads

Unlike a large law firm, which may sell a client legal services through a high level contact only to hand the client off to another lawyer or team, Keene Legal will work personally and directly with each client until the job is done. That’s our mission. No frills, no hand-offs, and no expensive overheads added onto the client’s bill. Keene Legal simply provides individualized, professional service and value at a reasonable cost. It builds its reputation and clientele on that platform.

Financial Flexability

Keene Legal also differentiates itself by providing a pliable pricing structure for clients. Keene Legal has a policy of understanding a client’s budget and charging legal fees accordingly. Keene Legal is here to help and can work through your financial situation with you to come up with the pricing structure best suited for your needs.

The Alternative to Big, Expensive Law Firms

Society itself has made life pressures and stresses more difficult to endure without legal guidance over time. Keene Legal provides an alternative to expensive, impersonalized big business with its client centric focus. We communicate directly and promptly with clients, provide professional guidance to shape client expectations in an honest and truthful manner, and provide written follow-up for mutual agreement.